Regional Flood Control District rolls out campaign to alert everyone to dangers of monsoon season


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Regional Flood Control District continues to implement new ways to inform the community of the many flood dangers monsoon season can bring.

“The most vulnerable people in Las Vegas are the young people and also people who have just moved here,” said Erin Neff with the Regional Flood Control District.

Neff says they get reports of young people hanging out in the flood channels, and while a storm looks like it is over, raging floodwaters usually follow. She also says new residents are caught off guard as well.

“Every year I see it on Channel 8. You interview a driver whose car has been washed out and is sitting there and can’t drive. You say ‘why did you drive through the flooded road,’ and the person says over and over ‘I didn’t think it was that deep,’” Neff said.

Another concern is the homeless.

“In March, we had flooding here in Las Vegas that killed 2 people. A third is missing,” Neff said. These are homeless people who were living in the flood control system.”

It’s unclear what the outlook for this monsoon season will be, but it doesn’t stop the outreach.

 “We are constantly updating the ways we reach the public,” Neff said. “We do a lot of work in social media we do advertising on cell phones we have a billboard campaign.”

“This year we are unveiling a Spanish version of our virtual reality experience,” Neff added 

Studies show Spanish speakers don’t have alot of information about flash flooding.

“If we can’t give information in the language people understand, we are not going to reach them,” Neff said.

“Later this year we are hoping to do a major campaign on Tik Tok where we reach our very young and vulnerable audiences,” Neff mentioned. “I hope people don’t drive through flooded streets but they still do I hope people are not living in the flood control system but they still are.”

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