LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An iconic piece of history was demolished weeks ago, drawing mixed reactions from those living near the Hartland Mansion.

Now, residents have questions as to what will be built on the vacant lot.

Bob Coffin, a former councilman and current resident of the historic John S. Park neighborhood, said he and his neighbors are ready to see something flourish on Park Paseo as two lots are now vacant.

However, the concerns about how these parcels will be kept safe and secure depending on what goes on them are on the minds of many.

“How much auto traffic and pedestrian traffic it brings to an area like this which is historic so..
Council will listen to the neighbors about this,” he told 8 News Now.

The future of at least one of the lots will be discussed at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

Ward Three Councilwoman Olivia Diaz explained that a new development could be underway with the property owner.

“I sat and talked to her and her development team and they are wanting to bring the building back and maybe offer three small business owners the opportunity to run something out of them.
No drive-thru component at this time,” Diaz told 8 News Now.

As for the lot that housed the Hartland Mansion, the city is in a holding stage until the property owner submits an application for what she plans to develop next.

8 News Now also reached out to the owner of three plot lands and is still awaiting a response.