LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A rally is planned for Tuesday, Sept. 20, outside of the Lloyd D. George Courthouse in honor of Jorge Gomez, the man police shot and killed during Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

The rally is scheduled to occur at 9 a.m. while a hearing inside the building is held about a lawsuit filed by Gomez’s family against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, protestors said.

Gomez, then 25, was legally armed when he was shot and killed by four LVMPD officers during a BLM demonstration on June 1. None of the four officers involved were charged with a crime.

Officers approached Gomez during the demonstration one minute after reports that an officer was injured in another shooting that happened in front of Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. He was not involved in that shooting and had been walking in front of the federal courthouse, according to a legal analysis by Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

The analysis said Gomez ignored police commands when they began speaking with him outside of the courthouse. Officers then tried to take him into custody. As they approached, Officer John Squeo saw Gomez carrying what he believed to be a baseball bat and thought Gomez would use it on the officers, so he fired “low lethal rounds” at Gomez before Gomez began to run away.

As he ran, police realized he had a gun on him and not a baseball bat.

Officers near where Gomez was running got out of their vehicles as they heard “some sort of shots fired,” the analysis said. Because they said they saw Gomez raise his firearm, and because they saw him fleeing from an “altercation involving gunfire,” they aimed their guns at him, according to the analysis.

Sgt. Ryan Fryman, Officer Andrew Locher, Officer Vernon Ferguson and Officer Daniel Emerton fired shots at Gomez, killing him. They fired a total of 19 rounds at him.

When officers approached him while he was outside the federal courthouse, they also said he was acting “suspicious” and “taunting” officers and not acting like an “average protester” or “open carry citizen,” and said they were worried he would ambush them, the analysis said.

“Based on the evidence currently available and subject to the discovery of any new or additional evidence the actions of Sergeant Ryan Fryman, Officer Andrew Locher, Officer Vernon Ferguson, and Officer Daniel Emerton were not criminal in nature,” said the analysis.

The analysis also said that a “killing is justified even if it develops afterward that the person killing was mistaken about the extent of the danger.”

Surveillance video and a timeline of the events that led up to Gomez’s killing was released during a public fact-finding review.

Gomez’s family held a rally earlier this year on June 1, marking two years since Gomez was killed.

His family’s attorney had argued that the surveillance video contradicts Metro police’s account because it shows Gomez was not pointing his gun at officers while he was running away before he was shot and killed.

“The video shows Mr. Gomez with nothing in his left hand and only the strap from his duffle bag in the right hand as he continues to run in the opposite direction of the officer who is firing the less-than-lethal rounds and is fatally shot by LVMPD Officers Ryan Fryman, Dan Emerton, Vernon Ferguson and Andrew Locher approximately 1 second later,” attorneys said.

Black Lives Matter demonstrations were seen across the country, including in Las Vegas, during the summer of 2020 following the police killings of Breonna Taylor in March and of George Floyd in May.