Raiders stadium 27 percent complete on 1 year anniversary of groundbreaking

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A milestone has been reached in the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas process.  On Nov. 13, a year ago, the Raiders, the NFL and the Nevada dignitaries celebrated the groundbreaking on a new $1.8 billion stadium just west of the Strip.

After one year of work, a skeleton of steel and concrete is rising from what was a dirt lot.

“We’re at 27 percent towards completion, and that’s about $500 million worth of construction,” said Tom Blanda, the senior vice-president of development and operations for the Raiders Stadium development.

Blanda says for months, much of the work was below the surface, but now the stadium is going vertical section by section.

“The big thing for us was to get the steel in; that’s done all the way around the perimeter of the building,” said Blanda.  “All the are in pilings. Most of those are underground; you can’t see those. Those are in they’ve been tested; they’re structurally sound. They’re in place; they’re ready to go. Then, we stacked some of the concrete columns were all placed on top of those; those are all in place. Now you see stadia that’s in and around the building; that’s what we’ll bolt the seats too. Those are all in. You’ve got eight cores around the outside of the building.  We’ve topped out on three of the eight. We’ve got another five to finish.” 

There are 800 workers on site; many of them working with steel and concrete. That will balloon to 1,600 come summer 2019 when the roof begins going up.

When it’s time to lift the steel trusses up on to the top of the stadium, two of the largest cranes in the world will be needed to do that job.  The trusses are so big they have to be assembled on site using another crane. 

Soon passersby will be able to see stadia, steel, and seats being placed inside.

“The more that you can drop in when you don’t have anything impeding you, the easier. So the faster these cranes can bring things in and drop them because we don’t have that cable net roof system in the way — much better off for us — yes,” Blanda said.

The bulk of the construction is expected to wrap up in April or May of 2020, with final touches on the site being made by July 31, 2020.

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