LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Raiders fans, you have a ways to go to catch up with Vegas Golden Knights fans.

A look at Nevada DMV records shows there are currently about 31,500 more VGK license plates on the road than Raiders plates.

Both groups of fans are growing, if the plate statistics are any indication. The number of Raider plates in 2019 — 11,616 — had grown to 17,067 in 2020, and to 27,716 in 2021. By comparison, VGK fans had already put on 42,108 plates by 2019. That’s gone up the past two years, to 47,712 in 2020, and up to 59,527 in 2021.

So do the Knights rule? Not so fast.

An old standby still has a commanding lead. The Las Vegas Commemmorative plate was on 81,284 vehicles in 2021, by far the highest of any of the 70 specialty plates currently on the road. But it’s slipping a little. Some of these fans might be abandoning he glitzy Vegas plate for their new favorite team. There are about 6,500 fewer Las Vegas Commemmorative plates in use than there were two years ago.

A couple of other license plates that have proven popular in recent years include the Lake Tahoe plate (26,014 in use last year) and the United We Stand plate (19,716 last year).

For more information on available charitable plates, go to the DMV’s website. Most plates cost an additional $61 with a $30 annual fee.