LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Officials are looking for ways to contain invasive mussels that are wreaking havoc in waterways in the area. Governor Sisolak opened an Invasive Mussels Leadership Forum Tuesday — hosted by the Western Governors’ Association addressing the issues surrounding the mussels.

The quagga mussels are freshwater mollusks that typically have a zebra-like pattern on their shells. They are not native to North America, but can spread by clinging to boats and engines. According to the National Park Service, the spread of the quagga mussels will potentially cost millions of dollars by clogging engines, covering boats and facilities, disrupting the food chain and littering beaches.

Lake Mead has been a popular spot for the invasive species. The NPS says you can find these mussels hiding in or on mud, plants and animals in the area.

Officials say the best way to stop the spread of these mussels is too clean yourself and all of your equipment thoroughly whenever you exit the water.