LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Wednesday, local leaders held the latest of many public meetings to discuss the regulation of short-term rental properties in unincorporated Clark County.

Nevada State Assembly Bill 363, which passed through the Legislature in 2021, will overturn a previous county-wide ban on rentals like AirBNB or VRBO, allowing them to operate under ordinance regulations. 

However, when it comes to short-term rental operations, Southern Nevadans are split. 

“We just want to be able to live our lives in peace,” Pilar Torres, who is against the legalization of short-term rentals told 8 News Now. 

“This is my vacation home,” Wendy Weissman conversely said of her property. “And I hope to make a little money on the side.”

District A County Commissioner Michael Naft said leaders have drafted an ordinance with tentative rental regulations, and they are holding meetings like the one available Wednesday to get feedback. 

“There are a lot of voices in this conversation,” Naft explained. “There are people on every side of this issue.”

A few of the regulations will most likely include business license requirements for hosts, a cap of 16 people per property, homeowners’ association approval, and a ban on apartments, mobile homes or manufactured homes as rental properties. 

“This is about coming up with some rational common-sense ways,” Naft said. “To do what the state required us to do.”

The plan isn’t set in stone yet, so Naft encouraged anyone with a stake in this to speak up, whether they are for or against what comes next. 

“I do think there are ways that they could tweak the law currently written,” Weissman said. 

“It comes with responsibility,” Torres concluded of rental properties. “And I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

While short-term rentals will technically be legal in Clark County come July 1, this change will not be implemented automatically. 

AB363 requires the county to adopt an ordinance for regulation, allow a 30-day notice before opening a licensing period and holding said licensing period open for six months to allow properties to come into compliance. 

For a look at the County’s draft ordinance on short term rentals, click HERE
Clark County residents can submit questions or comments regarding short-term rentals to