LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Recent flash flooding in Death Valley National Park caused millions of dollars in damage to popular tourist areas and areas off the beaten path. One area in need of restoration is the Salt Creek Boardwalk Trail.

Salt Creek provides the only habitat in the world for the Salt Creek pupfish, according to the NPS, which is a species of high concern in the State of California. A 1/2 mile raised wooden boardwalk built in 1976 has provided visitors easy access to view the pupfish and the desert creek. But the flooding on Aug. 5, 2022, tore up some of the boardwalks, moving parts of it more than a mile away.

This flash flooding event also damaged an unpaved access road to the parking area which was also destroyed, damaged the vault toilet and even moved the bed of the small creek by several feet.

Now the NPS is asking for public input on the proposed replacement of the Salt Creek Boardwalk Trail.

Public comments should be entered into the Planning, Environment, and Public Comment system by March 25, 2023.  Comments can also be mailed to: Death Valley National Park, ATTN: Salt Creek Boardwalk Replacement, P.O. Box 579, Death Valley, CA 92328 (postmarked by March 25).