Protestors demand justice for Jorge Gomez during fact-finding review

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The mother of Jorge Gomez, who was shot and killed by Metro officers after a protest in Downtown Las Vegas last summer, gathered with members of the community Friday. This came as county officials held an hours-long fact-finding review of evidence in the deadly shooting.

During the hearing, protestors rallied peacefully outside the Clark County Government Center, making sure their chants for justice were heard.

Justice for Jorge Gomez: It’s a mission that friends, family and several members of the community are fighting for 10 months later. Protestors firmly believe Gomez did not deserve to be shot by officers 19 times.

They say he was running from police and chanted, “I’m running away — don’t shoot!”

Protestors are pleading for those four officers involved to be held accountable for killing Gomez.

“I do hope me and the other people here today are heard and some sort of steps are made toward an arrest or an indictment, or at least a statement, saying, ‘Yeah, he was murdered,'” said protestor Sebastian.

Protester Maria Nieto stressed, “Enough is enough. That is the biggest thing; people need to stop getting away with murder.”

After the hearing, Gomez’s mom was very emotional and addressed the crowd. She wanted everyone to know her son did not do anything wrong by running from police as he was being shot with bean bag rounds.

“If someone is hitting me with pepper balls, I am going to run. It is human nature; it’s fight or flight,” said Jeanne Llera, Gomez’s mother. “Did he stay there and fight? No. He ran away, and what did they do? They hit him twice in the head, four times in the back and twice on the side, and he falls on the side. Not once did he touch his weapon.”

She continued to say that Gomez would be proud of the turnaround of today’s events because this is exactly what he was fighting for when he was killed.

During the review, the family attorney says it felt like Gomez was being pinned as a criminal because unrelated marijuana charges from five years ago were brought up. The attorney also says no matter what happens, they will continue a lawsuit against Metro Police.

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