NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A passionate plea to stop animal cruelty — that was the message shared outside North Las Vegas City Council Wednesday as demonstrators demanded justice for Lily. 

The dog died while outside in the heat just over a week ago, and Nevada voters call this the latest example of a larger issue.

Nevada Voters For Animals stood in front of North Las Vegas City Council during its regular meeting Wednesday to stand up for Lily.

“I’ll never forget it. She was trying to bark. She was laying there trying to bark,” said Gina Greison — President of Nevada Voters for Animals. “She was laying in the same spot in the direct sun. She couldn’t get to the water; she couldn’t get to the shade.”

A neighbor witnessed the dog dying in the backyard as temperatures hovered around 115 degrees, and the group says authorities didn’t respond to help her in time. 

“This is something that needs to be changed in the city and the county and North Las Vegas,” said Melanie Shane during public comment at the North Las Vegas City Council meeting. 

The council says an investigation is underway and things will move foward once a necropsy is completed. 

“No decision has been made. In the meanwhile, what we are doing over here, we have spent a large amount of time today and previous to today before Lily passed away to update our ordinances and make them stronger,” said Councilman Richard Cherchio. 

Advocates are grateful action is being taken but call this just one example of a community-wide issue.

“We need to be a voice for these animals that can’t speak and there are so many more,” Greison said.

They say they won’t stand down until all animals are protected 

8 News Now did reach out to North Las Vegas Police, as well. They say they are also investigating.

There is no word on when Lily’s necropsy will be completed.