LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Dozen of animal rights activists marched for change Saturday demanding the Animal Foundation to do better for the animals inside.

Protestors gathered at Freedom Park and marched their way to the Animal Foundation.

Ayla Ziegler was a former vet tech at the Animal Foundation says management issues led to staff quitting which ultimately lead to a lack of care for the animals.

“If you asked me a year ago I would say the Animal Foundation is a wonderful place that is doing good work unfortunately that changed very very quickly by February things were declining by April I couldn’t be a part of it anymore,” Ziegler said.

Others protesting say the shelter euthanizes animals because of simple medical conditions or lack of space.

“There are an enormous amount of animals that are being euthanized for not a good reason, for anything from an ear infection to space issues they have,” said Rose Scotellaro.

The Animal Foundation denied Scotellaro’s claim and called it “factually inaccurate,” adding that they do not euthanize for space:

“This is factually inaccurate. We don’t euthanize for space at The Animal Foundation and we would never euthanize an animal for an ear infection.”

The Animal Foundation

The Animal Foundation says they acknowledge staff issues but say they have been doing better.

“We have made significant progress throughout the years– for the past 10 years we brought our euthanasia rate down by 93%,” said Daryl Sprague, chief marketing and development officer.

Ultimately these protestors say they want to see someone running the shelter that has experience with animals and will do their best to ensure they get a chance to survive and be adopted.