LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Joseph Porter, with Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife is no stranger to creepy crawlers throughout the day and night, and as we head into a new season, there’s more of a likelihood of seeing more bat activity flying through the valley. 

“In the Desert Shores area, we got a call this morning that there was a bat inside somebody’s house,” Porter said.

Described to be more agile in flight than most birds, are bats really all that dangerous?

“They can bite you and you may not know you were even bitten so in that case you would want to secure that bat with gloves on, put it into a bag, and deliver it to SNHD so they can test the bat for rabies,” Porter explained.

These nocturnal animals are typically not aggressive unless provoked, but Porter said a lot of times they can be found in the most random of places. 

“I have taken a bat out of a hotel room before,” Porter added.

In the state of Nevada, it is illegal to kill bats as they are federally protected because of what they do for the environment so if you see one inside somewhere, it’s best to call a wildlife professional.