LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Crime Stoppers of Southern Nevada, is known as the organization where one can call in tips to help solve crimes, but this group also provides tips to prevent crimes.

As the holiday season approaches and people get ready to head out of town, there are some things that should be done prior to leaving.

Home safety is key during the holiday season as spikes in crime can occur. (KLAS)

Jonathan Alvarez with Crime Stoppers of Southern Nevada and CEO of Protective Force International said he sees a spike in break-ins around the holidays.

He added that convenience is key for thieves, and urges the public not to make it easy for them.

Alvarez also said a security system is someone’s best line of defense and there are many different alarm systems that are inexpensive, that include security companies that respond when the alarm goes off.

“Investing in good lighting throughout your house will not only assist with the security systems if you have them but deters lots of criminals, and another option is using lights that are solar powered,” Alvarez said.

Nancy Cruz-Morning has two teenagers and stressed the importance of being careful of what gets posted on social media.

“If you’re getting a new game system, it’s not something you necessarily want to publicize, whether that’s leaving the garbage out right in front of our house, so people know what we bought or just presenting it on social media and everyone knows this is something you have,” Cruz-Morning explained.

Cyndi Koester agreed and said her windows lock, seal, and cover so no one can peek inside.

“For the garage doors, set it so nobody can come by and open it,” Koester said. “There’s a switch where you can turn it off, that way nobody can use the remote to open your garage door. I do this every night so as soon as I get home from work.”

Alvarez added that it’s also a good idea to get to know neighbors, that way they can watch out for each other.

He also advised that it’s important to hide and spread out valuables and important documents, as opposed to just keeping them all in one place.

Home safety tips

  • Double-check to make sure your home alarm is set
  • Make sure your spare key isn’t as easily accessible outside, like under the welcome mat or potted plant
  • Don’t leave presents/gifts exposed in plain site or inside your car
  • Place your mail on hold when going on vacation