LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A proposed change to speed limits is headed to a northwest valley area and residents living in the area are expressing their thoughts on the matter.

The temporary speed limit in the Desert Shores community is posted as 30 mph.
Residents told 8 News Now it’s a much-needed change from the 35 mph speed limit, as many drivers are speeding through neighborhoods.

To mitigate excessive speeding, the City of Las Vegas conducted a speed study in the community, it was temporarily reduced to 30 miles per hour.

Now the city is recommending it be kept at 30 mph to promote safer roadways.

Catherine Morales a resident living in the area told 8 News Now she agrees with the recommendation.

“I would say 30 is fine for around here,” said Morales.” People are very careful, they stop if someone is crossing the road. I don’t see any real issues there.”

Some residents like David Kohlmeier said the speed limit should be lowered to 25 mph.
“I think a lot of communities are between 15 to 25 mph. I think there’s a lot of people driving very recklessly in general,” explained Kohlmeier. “We do also have a lot of animals running around, whether it’s ducks and sometimes you will see deceased animal along the roadway.”

Jonathan Alvarez, the CEO of Protective Force International oversees security for the business center inside the community.

“We have so many walkers, joggers, individuals walking their dogs, wildlife crossing the street, so the streets are busy,” said Alvarez. “I would highly encourage them to keep the speed limit as it is.”

The Traffic Parking Commission will discuss this change and other agenda items Thursday, August 25, 2022, at 1 pm at City Hall. A complete look at the agenda can be found here.

Those interested can submit a speed limit change online through the city’s website and the city will conduct a traffic study.

The review will include examining existing conditions and future developments, the types of land use along the roadways, the types of traffic control devices, current speed limits, and crash data from NDOT and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The Transportation Engineering Division recommends permanently changing the speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph on the following roadways in the Desert Shores Community:

  • Mariner Drive from Lake Mead Boulevard to Coral Shores Drive
  • Coral Shores Drive from Mariner Drive to Harbor Island Drive
  • Harbor Island Drive from Coral Shores Drive to Lake Mead Boulevard
  • Soft Winds Drive from Harbor Island Drive to Mariner Drive

For more information on how speed limits are determined click HERE.