LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A project to build a low-income community near North Decatur and the 215 that has caused a divide amongst neighbors since July, was passed to move on to the City Council’s Oct. 19 meeting.

At the city planning commission meeting on Tuesday, the item of whether or not to build a low-income community at Rome Boulevard and Decatur Boulevard was discussed.

The item was passed 7-0 and now will move onto the City Council’s meeting on Oct. 19.

When the item was discussed in July, a majority of the community opposed the idea with the top concern being the possibility of increased crime and congestion the new development could bring.

The Bureau of Land Management provided nearly 9.5 acres of land marked solely to be used for affordable housing. Through a bidding process, a company called Ovation won the bid and now plans to manage the property for 15 years.