LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Law enforcement and private security work hand in hand to keep the Las Vegas Strip safe.

A private security company called Protective Force International works with casinos and other businesses to respond to incidents on their campus.

They have added more security officers to their Emergency Security Team. The role of that team is to respond to critical incidents that happen on or near some strip properties.

“We’ve been able to successfully graduate three classes. Each of the classes, unfortunately, did have washouts. There is a standard that needs to be met by the teams,” Jonathan Alvarez, CEO of Protective Force International, said.

The standards the candidates need to go through before joining the force include a psych evaluation, defense tactics, firearms qualifications, and their final real-world exercise.

That training is led by a 10-year military veteran and former SWAT team member Bill Norvell.

“Their ability to respond to an active threat quickly and efficiently is paramount to the instruction here,” Norvell said.

Six more candidates are up for graduation including Jordan Wilmoth.

“The more I can help law enforcement and the community that’s what we are here for,” Wilmoth said.

Those who make it through the security training will graduate and soon be working at casinos and with area law enforcement to help keep you safe.