LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Backed by an online petition started by parents and support from students, Keith Wipperman is being reinstated as principal at Centennial High School, the Clark County School District said.

In an email to Centennial parents, staff, and students, the school district said Wipperman will “return to his assigned duties” on Thursday and that it would review the situation that led to the removal “and work with Mr. Wipperman to rectify the situation.”

Matt Schriever, whose son runs cross country for Centennial, said he got the email on Wednesday afternoon while attending a meet at Liberty High School. When he and other parents shared the email with some students and cross-country runners, Schriever said people started cheering.

“A very happy group,” Schriever said. “Lots of cheering.”

Wipperman was removed in early October, with the district providing no reason to parents. The action prompted an outcry of support, including an online petition at that was signed by more than 2,800 people.

On Oct. 5, the district sent an email saying Wipperman was being reassigned and that two of the school’s assistant principals would split his duties in the interim. Again, no reason was given for the change in staff assignments, which angered and upset parents.

At a school board meeting on Oct. 13, parents and students attended and showed support for Wipperman. The district has declined to comment, saying the removal was a personnel matter.