LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You may not think of it but there is a hidden cost for all of those Amazon Prime Day deals and it impacts the environment.

Amazon Prime Day, which is a two-day event, is one of the busiest days for Republic Services.        

Republic Services recycling center. (KLAS)

According to Amazon, more than 250 million items were purchased during last year’s 48-hour sales spree. That’s a lot of cardboard, bubble wrap, and plastic that could end up in a landfill if not properly recycled or reused.

Republic Services staff is preparing for the influx of shipping materials following Prime Day.

About 75% of waste can be recycled or reused. Cardboard is one of those great items to recycle but it’s important to understand what materials can’t be recycled.

Not all plastics are created equal, and flexible plastics like bubble wrap can cause a number of problems at the recycling center, including equipment jams and inefficiencies. Instead, these items should be collected and returned to a grocery store for recycling.