President Trump: Mail-in voting in Nevada, other states will ‘be a disaster’

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The war between President Donald Trump and Nevada’s new vote-by-mail law continues as the President stressed Wednesday that mail-in ballots will “be a disaster.”

During a White House press conference Wednesday, President Trump further described his opposition and disagreement with Nevada lawmakers’ recent passage of Assembly Bill 4, which allows all registered voters in the state the option to mail-in ballots for the November election. It also ensures protections for voters amid the pandemic.

When a reporter asked the President why he believes mail-in ballots lead to voter fraud, he responded by saying that “many newspapers have had terrible stories on mail-in ballots.”

He later referenced Nevada, saying that the new legislation, passed by Governor Sisolak on Monday, allows counties “to count votes until 7 days after election.”

He says the state’s machinery is “old” and it will be “physically impossible” for the counties to count votes in time.

“Are we going to wait a week after Nov. 3 if it comes down to Nevada, which it could very well? I don’t think so, I don’t think it’s appropriate,” Trump said during the news conference.

WATCH INTERVIEW: Gov. Sisolak on mail-in ballots: ‘If they can handle it in Florida, they can certainly handle it in Nevada’

Trump’s campaign and the GOP filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, in an attempt to stop Nevadans from voting by mail in the general election.

The same day, Trump encouraged voters in Florida to participate in mail-in voting, saying the state has experience with it.

“Florida’s worked very hard for years and years developing a system,” he said.

“If they can handle it in Florida, they can certainly handle it in Nevada,” Gov. Sisolak said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday.

“I’m doing our country a big favor by bringing it up,” Pres. Trump added on Wednesday.

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