LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — President Trump held an unscheduled news conference Wednesday morning prior to his campaign rally in Bullhead City, Arizona to thank some Nevada groups for their support.

President Trump spent the night in Las Vegas and held the news conference at his Trump International Hotel.

The Nevada Retail Association, Nevada Trucking Association, Associated Builders and Contractors of Nevada and StartUpNV, a business incubator, endorsed the president in his re-election bid.

Mary Lau, the president and CEO of the Nevada Retail Association, told the president the association represents thousands of small businesses.

“We appreciate the fact that you have built an amazing economy and we firmly believe this president is the key for making the economy great again,” she said.

Lau also made a request.

“We are so grateful for the PPE loans and we humbly request that we get consideration for forgiveness of that loan at $150,000 or less and liability reform,” she said.

“We are looking at both of those very seriously,” Trump said.

Paul Enos with the Nevada Trucking Association praised steps the Trump administration took during the pandemic.

“This administration took unprecedented steps to ensure that not only did truck drivers have proper PPE so that they could be safe but that we could deliver all of the things groceries, toilet paper, meat to our grocery store shelves,” he said.

Trump called the endorsements “a big deal” in his campaign.