President of conservative group at UNLV booted due to racist viral video

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is outrage around the Las Vegas valley after a racist video circulated that includes the student leader of a conservative organization on the UNLV’s campus circulated around social media.

In the Snapchat video, which was not dated, Riley Grisar, the then president of Turning Point USA, is seen with a woman flashing a white power hand sign. Both are even heard saying, “white power,” before the woman drops the F-word and uses a racial slur, which is repeated by the person taking the video, who then flips off the camera.  The text on the screen also features the f-word

Woman: “Yes, this [expletive] dude; we’re going to rule the country!” 
Man: “White power!” 
Woman: “White power!” [expletive] [racial slur]” 
Man (off-camera): “Yeah, [expletive] [unintelligible]” 

The video emerged in recent days and has been making its way around the internet and on social media. Grisar has since deleted his social media accounts.  8 News NOW called some phone numbers associated with his family in one instance, a person who answered the phone hung up on Reporter Patrick Walker when he asked for Grisar.

On Thursday night, Turning Point USA tweeted that Grisar had been permanently banned from the organization. 

UNLV students 8 News NOW spoke with were shocked by the video.

“There is no place for comments like that on this campus and it is the nation’s most diverse campus, and we just — we were disgusted when we saw the video,” said Max Gonzalez, UNLV student.

“He wasn’t the only one in the video,” said Lynnette Hull, UNLV student. “Not to point fingers or anything, but anyone involved in saying those kinds of awful, awful things; like unimaginable things, should publicly apologize.”

Tensions had been running high after Grisar’s group had a “Build the Wall” display set up on UNLV’s campus.  A video, posted to YouTube by the conservative group, Campus Reform, shows students who were upset with the build the wall display to the point of throwing objects and knocking handouts off the table.

It’s not clear when the video with the racial slurs was posted related to last week’s build the wall display, but a Snapchat post from who 8 News NOW believe to be the girl in the video claims the post was recorded a few years ago while she was drunk.

Regarding the video, a spokesperson with UNLV said, “The abhorrent views and language expressed in the video are antithetical to the values of diversity and inclusion that we espouse at UNLV every day.  This matter, as well as the interactions that took place on campus last week, has been referred to the appropriate departments for review.”

Congresswoman Dina Titus also weighed in, saying “I’m horrified by this racist video. I taught at UNLV for over 30 years and I know these disgusting, hateful comments do not reflect the values of UNLV’s student body. This organization has a history of hate, and schools should take a hard look at whether they belong on any campus.”

8 News NOW reached out to the local contact for the Turning Point USA, asking them to talk about the May 1 incident at UNLV, and the ouster of Grisar, but have yet to receive a response.

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