LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off this week in Las Vegas.

While the pandemic slowed its return in 2022, this year is expected to have a greater number of attendees. 

Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) President and CEO Steve Hill said this year is starting out strong, as preparations for the event started as early as mid-December.

Hill said Las Vegas has been named the convention capital of the U.S., and this year, more than 100,000 attendees and nearly 3,000 exhibitors are expected to be in attendance.

“CES is a huge part of that, the technology aspect of that also is exceptionally helpful to our reputation in Las Vegas,” said Hill. “It’s a serious place to do business, a place for companies to come and make it happen, so it matters a lot.”

One of those companies is Brunswick Corporation, which is attending its third year at CES.

“It’s an opportunity to be back at CES. This is a show we look forward to more than any other show because we get to showcase our technology for 95% of the people here who don’t know who we are,” explained Lee Gordon, vice president of communications for Brunswick.

Specializing in marine recreation, Gordon said they’ve been planning for a year to showcase what they have to offer, which includes a 37-foot Sea Ray boat, and new autonomous docking.

“There’s a lot that goes into this because for us, we’re really good at boat shows and we know what that looks like but now we’re on a playing level with Microsoft, Mercedes, and some of these other countries that are just global names,” Gordon told 8 News Now.

LVCVA also expects attendee numbers to return to pre-Covid numbers.

“Which was 6.6 million attendees for those meetings and there’s a couple reasons for that,” added Hill. “Obviously Covid is in our rearview mirror and we’re back to fairly normal.”

Brian Cooley editor at large for CNET agreed. He has been attending CES for 19 years.

 “It’s back to what it feels like with a good healthy vibe on the floor,” said Cooley. “

They’ve been preparing for this event since the fall.

The media company publishes reviews and more on the latest technology and consumer electronics worldwide and you can expect a number of new hot items on the market, like health technology.

“A lot of it comes down to using the camera on your phone and webcam to examine your face and pick up indications on your health,” Cooley explained. “It could be your heart rate, heart rhythm, maybe even detecting blood pressure or fatigue and turning it into supplement gummies that are 3D made, custom for you. This is something Neutrogena is doing.”

From virtual reality for mental health to automotive technology, Cooley said there’s something for everyone.

“You see the industry come together at CES,” he said. “You see the manufacturers of the hardware and the software of the products, you see the media that covers them and explains it to consumers because by definition whatever happens here, is new.”