NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has published a preliminary report on the deadly plane crash at North Las Vegas Airport that killed four people.

This report does not come to a conclusion about who or what was at fault, that will be determined in the final report which usually takes months to prepare.

The mid-air crash happened on Sunday, July 17 as a Piper single-engine plane collided with a Cessna single-engine plane during a final approach.

According to the preliminary report, the air traffic controllers at both North Las Vegas and Nellis cleared the planes to different runways for landing, but the Piper ended up flying to the same runway the Cessna was also using.

Donald Stuart Goldberg, 82, of Las Vegas, and Carol Ann Scanlon, 76, also from Las Vegas both died from blunt trauma, according to the coroner. Goldberg was the pilot and Scanlon was a passenger aboard the Piper PA-46.

wo other people were killed in the Cessna. The coroner identified Zachary Rainey, 46, and Anthony Chiaramonti, 40, as the other victims. Rainey was traveling with Chiaramonti, his flight instructor, at the time of the crash.