LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In a horrible case of animal neglect, a pair of dogs is recovering after they were found tied to a fence at Sunset Park.

The dogs are now recovering at Tropicana Animal Hospital after about 2 inches of matted hair was shaved off them.

Doreen Fang of PAWsitive Difference Pet Rescue said one of the dogs is about six pounds lighter after the matted fur was removed.

The dogs were dumped at Sunset Park, where they were picked up earlier this afternoon by the rescue operation. 8 News Now learned they were taken straight to the vet.

“There was at least two inches of matting — at least — on their entire body,” Fang told us. “What was even worse, what’s even worse, was they don’t know for sure but these dogs were probably contained to a very small space.”

The dogs are still being evaluated, and of the dogs might have a heart murmur.

“I think they were relieved that somebody was finally taking care of them. That’s what animals need, just love,” Fang said.

PAWsitive Difference rescues, fosters and adopts out dogs and cats from families that are unable to continue to care for them. They also rescue pets that have been abandoned and help provide them with new, loving families.

The two male dogs are recovering, the pet rescue said.