LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ever wish you could shop your friend’s closet? Hundreds of thousands of women are doing just that with Poshmark.

Buying and selling new and secondhand fashion, home goods, and electronics.

8 News Now’s Kirsten Joyce took a look at the latest trends that will get you the most cash, and some tips from a Summerlin-savvy seller.

“I’m a clean freak, so using this app to declutter is key for me,” Alexa Karacostas said.

Alexa Karacostas, 34, wanted to purge her closet of some old purses.
Initially, she thought a garage sale would be best.

“My friend was like these items are way too high value. You should use Poshmark,” she said.
Alexa then set up a Poshmark account featuring a Gucci purse she bought in 2011.

Within minutes – that old purse ended up being a “Fashion find” selling for 800 bucks!

Poshmark is a go-to destination for shoppers to pick up brand-name items at an affordable price.

It features brand-new and pre-loved items but Alexa warns – be prepared to put in the work.

“The site is easy to navigate but it is tedious,” she said.

With managing inquiries, shipping labels, and having the right-sized packaging.
She adds it’s also important to curate your Poshmark page.

She says it’s all worth it and made nearly $2000 bucks her first month including the sale of the Gucci bag, and some old jewelry.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” she added.