LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A North Las Vegas woman being paid to look after an elder relative is now facing a murder charge in the older woman’s death.

Rosamaria Moreno is accused of dumping her elderly aunt on the side of the road on Dec. 17, 2021. Shortly after midnight, the woman was found dead by a passerby.

According to Moreno’s criminal complaint, she was upset with the state for not compensating her for caretaking, as well as room and board, for the older woman and had contacted Nevada Aging and Disability on the same day the older woman was last seen alive. The agency told police, they didn’t pay Moreno because they were denied entry into the residence to confirm the woman’s welfare.

The criminal complaint said Moreno admitted that although she had last seen her aunt on Dec. 17, she didn’t notice she was gone from the home until Dec. 21 and couldn’t explain why she hadn’t reported her missing. However, Moreno did continue to log her caretaking hours for those days. Moreno said her aunt “sleeps a lot” and suffered from Alzheimer’s, dementia, schizophrenia, and had a history of “wandering off.”

During an interview with Moreno, police confronted her with video evidence of her vehicle in the area where the woman had been dropped off, the complaint said. Moreno then told police her aunt was having incontinence issues in the home. Moreno said she drove by the Salvation Army shelter but it “looked full” so she dropped off the older woman on the side of the road. Moreno told police her aunt exited the vehicle alive.

The criminal complaint said no official cause of death has been determined yet but hypothermia is a contributing factor.

The murder charge is enhanced because the victim was 60 years or older.