LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The NFL Draft will take place April 23-25 on the Las Vegas Strip, and it’s going to take a lot of manpower with the 600,000 people visiting for the event. Metro doesn’t want employees taking time off. A union representing those police officers has now filed a complaint regarding work hours during that time period.

8 News Now spoke with the police union’s president, Steve Grammas, who said Metro could have reached out to them in advance to talk about this, but they didn’t. So, they are reacting to what they say is unfair labor practice.

“We have a lot of officers contacting us saying that this didn’t seem fair. We agree,” Grammas said.

Recently, the Las Vegas Police Protective Association received messages from officers and members, saying there was an administrative notice, stating vacation was canceled if you hadn’t already had it approved, and out of state travel canceled on days off during the NFL Draft.

“For a period of time the Las Vegas Boulevard will be shut down to vehicle traffic on each one of those days,” Metro Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. “They are equating it to New Year’s Eve, but I say no it isn’t, because it’s over 3 days.”

With the anticipation of having over 600,000 people on the strip, they are taking extra precautions.

“If we’re not successful we’re all going to suffer,” Lombardo said.

Grammas says he recognizes these big events need police presence, but there is one difference.

“The NFL has a lot of money and the NFL can pay overtime for officers,” Grammas said. “So, if our officers choose to stay and work overtime which they may they’ll have no issue.”

Grammas also had a message to Metro.

“I would tell sheriff Lombardo he knows the rules. He needs to negotiate,” Grammas said. “He could have contacted us. It may be too late, maybe it’s not.”

8 News Now reached out to Metro, but there has been no comment on the complaint. However, they confirm the vacation restriction and say the department is taking extra safety precautions as they do on New Year’s Eve.