LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada State Police Parole and Probation officers will be coordinating with other agencies during Halloween to conduct Operation Scarecrow to make sure high-risk sex offenders aren’t trying to lure children to their homes or taking part in events that involve children such as trick-or-treating or Halloween parties.

Tier III sex offenders are those who were convicted of crimes involving children and are not allowed to have contact with children. They must also register their current home address with the state.

Officers will conduct home contacts, neighborhood surveillance, and attend community functions to make sure the sex offenders are complying with the terms and conditions of their community supervision.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has an online database of registered sex offenders in Metro’s jurisdiction. You can search to see if any live in your area by clicking on this link. The state also has an online database of registered sex offenders in the state of Nevada. You can link to that one here.

According to Nevada Department of Corrections, there are currently 7,300 sex offenders in the state.