LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman who police described as a suspected white supremacist was pepper-sprayed after police said she threatened a security guard with a knife and spit at him.

Sheridan Brown, 41, faces battery and hate crime charges, according to her arrest report.

Police said Brown entered a convenience store in the 6400 block of Boulder Highway and hit the guard. The guard then pepper-sprayed her.

While awaiting medical assistance, Brown reportedly made racial slurs toward the guard, who is Black, police said. While being arrested, Brown, who is white, spit in a person’s face, according to the report.

Police took Brown to be booked at the Clark County Detention Center. During the booking process, police said Brown had a white supremacist symbol tattooed on her right ankle.

The symbol, two “SS” lightning bolts, are insignia from Nazi Germany. Police said they charged Brown with a hate crime due, in part, to the tattoo.

“Tattoos of ‘SS’ bolts are a common symbol placed on the body of members of a white supremacist organization,” officers wrote in Brown’s arrest report. “Due to Brown making racial slurs toward [redacted] prior to spitting at [redacted] and that Brown has white supremacist symbols tattooed on her body, Brown was further charged with a hate/bias crime.”

A judge set Brown’s bail at $3,000.