Police: Student arrested at Desert Rose High School for possession of gun

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On Wednesday, a student was arrested at Desert Rose High School for possession of a gun, according to Clark County School District Police.

The announcement came Wednesday during a school safety news conference held by CCSD Police and CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.

Desert Rose is an adult high school which is located at 444 W. Brooks Avenue near Cheyenne and MLK in North Las Vegas.  The area is about 2-miles from Canyon Springs High School where an 18-year-old student was shot and killed Tuesday.

CCSD Police said a total of seven firearms have been confiscated so far this school year.

Local parents say they’re concerned.

“Do you feel safe sending your child to school every day,” said Jose Dominguez, a local parent. “Not really, you know it worries me.”

Dominguez is concerned for his 17-year-old daughter’s safety. She attends Desert Rose High School were the most recent student was arrested.

CCSD Police said they found the gun because police searched the 16-year-old male student’s bag after he got into a fight with another classmate.  The 9-millimeter gun was in the student’s waistband.

“It’s crazy,” said Dominguez.  “It’s like more and more, you hear that every day.”

“This is really shocking,” said Jasmin Vargas, a student.  “It’s happening around the school and that ain’t cool.” 

Cristen Drummond, Reporter: “Do you feel safe on campus?”
Vargas: ” No. Not at all.”

CCSD Police’s presence was known during dismissal on the school’s campus Wednesday.  Officers were seen either patrolling or standing near the school entrance. 
Drummond: “What do you think needs to happen?”
Dominguez: “We need more security; it starts with the parents too. They need to watch what their kids are doing.”

According to CCSD, officers are always following up on leads and taking a proactive role in keeping students safe, but they also say more can be done. 

“We need more adults overall and yeah, I’m going to tell you I personally think we do need more officers,” CCSD Police Chief James Ketsaa said.

Drummond: “Do you feel there should be more CCSD Police?”
Vargas: “Yes. Yes. More security, inside and out.”

CCSD Police anticipates the student will face charges including a minor charge in possession of a firearm, possession of a weapon on school property, and carrying a concealed weapon.

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