Police Report: Parents smoked meth, found infant dead, tried to hide body in dumpster; now facing charges

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A police report reveals more about what led up to an infant being found dead in a dumpster at an apartment complex near Las Vegas Boulevard and Carey Avenue last week.

The arrest report gives details of a witness who states he was throwing out trash when he saw a red duffel bag sitting on top of the trash. The resident of the apartment complex says he considered taking the discarded bag for himself and when he looked inside discovered the infant under a white blanket prompting him to call the police.

After an investigation, police took 52-year-old Raul Ramos and 32-year-old Adriana Hernandez into custody where they now face multiple charges related to the death of their child.

According to the report, the parents of the infant had recently been evicted and were living in a weekly rental with two other small children.

Police obtained witness statements and interviewed the manager of the rental property they were living at and confirmed child neglect. The manager stated in the report she was “worried about the infant because a week ago she had seen the baby only wearing a diaper and the child was outside.”

The police report states the parents admitted they had traded their food stamps for meth instead of buying food and clothes for their children.

Both parents said in their arrest interviews that on the day of the incident they were smoking methamphetamine drugs in their small motel room with the infant present, despite knowing the child had breathing problems.

Medical records were obtained by police showing the infant had medical problems since birth and spent the first month of its life in the ICU, according to the report.

In the arrest interview statement Ramos made, an argument escalated to fight with Hernandez and the children were crying. Hernandez says in her statement she picked the infant up, hugged him, and laid him face-down on the bed with his head turned to the side, according to the report.

Hernandez continued in her statement saying that when the baby stopped crying she assumed he had fallen asleep. She left to get a cigarette for Ramos at a nearby 7 Eleven store and when she returned he told her he found the infant not breathing and that he was dead.

Instead of calling an ambulance, they tried to conceal the death by putting the baby in the dumpster.

Early in the investigation, both denied having had an infant child at all. They later admitted they were afraid to call the police when the infant stopped breathing “because they were high and nobody would believe their story.”

Raul Ramos, the father of the infant, faces the following charges:

  • Child abuse and neglect, 2 counts
  • Child abuse and neglect resulting in substantial bodily harm, 1 count
  • Destroying and concealing evidence of his crime

Adriana Hernandez, the mother of the infant, faces the following charges:

  • Child abuse and neglect, 3 counts
  • Destroying and concealing evidence of a crime

Hernandez and Ramos have their first court appearance scheduled for Wednesday morning.

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