LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If you see a bicyclist on the road, there are two words you need to remember — move over. The law requires drivers to give a bicyclist at least three feet of space.

While many drivers in Clark County understand the three feet while passing a cyclist, it’s only part of the law. Nevada law says when able, on a multi-lane road, the driver is to merge into the lane to their left and give the cyclist the entire lane.

Once it’s safe and you’ve passed the cyclist you can then merge back into your original lane.

“You see your life flash before your eyes. It’s not that you just hear it and it’s loud. It sucks you over and it can be dangerous when a car or truck goes by fast. You could actually swerve into the lane. It impacts your ability to hold your line. It’s terrifying,” said Keely Brooks, Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition.

Brooks said this is an ideal time to share information about this campaign because it’s warming up outside and people are looking to get active. Cycling has become popular in recent years.

Police will be enforcing the move over law from 7:30 a.m. to noon on Fort Apache Road between Warm Springs and Sunset roads. Violators will be cited.