(Photo: CCSD Police)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local law enforcement teamed up Wednesday morning to get drivers to slow down on I-15. The effort was focused on a stretch of I-15 in the south end of the valley near St. Rose Pkwy.

According to CCSD Police, officers pulled over 177 vehicles including one that was going 120 mph. Police did not release an exact number of tickets written or what types of laws were found to have been broken.

In a lengthy and colorfully worded Facebook post, CCSD Police explained what its officers, along with other local departments, were able to acomplish:

Today CCSDPD Traffic in conjunction with the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, along with most other valley departments were on the hunt for a dangerous species, Velocitocious Vehicularity, or V.V. For short. #SoundsDangerous#DoesItBite? #SomeDontHaveTeeth#ThatsCold#CallItFrostBite

V.V. can be found within all areas of our great state, country, and continent.  It’s greatest defense mechanism is the ability to quickly camouflage itself in with other similar specie.  While their normal behaviors are completely opposite from that of the Safetiosio Vehicularity, the V.V. Is able to mix in and often elude it’s attempted capture. #HideAndSeek

While V.V. Is highly skilled in one area, it is incredibly lacking in decision making, communication, or any rational thought.  Scientists have studied them routinely and found that although they have a large enough brain to support these abilities, they only use about 1/64th of their capacity and thus are classified below the level of the Beautiful but extinct DoDo bird. #Caw!

Today, Officers hit the ground running and located, temporarily captured, tagged and released 177 of these creatures.  Officers noted that they found that many of them were overly hungry and smashing large quantities of processed food items in and around their mouth.  #YouHaveAWholeSammichInYourBeard#NoOtherSide#YupYouGotIt

Many others seemed to not be as lucky in their scavenging skills and were incredibly agitated due to extreme hunger.  We did locate an extensively damaged shoe in the rear passenger compartment that we can only hypothesize that the creature must have eaten it. #ItWasASuedePump#Size9#LargeTalons#GanglyToe

Remember that these things are among us, so practice all effective safety procedures while driving.  Plan ahead.  Pay attention. Drive under the speed limit. And be prepared to stop.  You never know when one of these beasts will surprise you with their presence.  #ThinkSafeDoSafeBeSafe#LivesAreOnTheLine#NevadaOTSSpeedGrantZero Fatalities Nevada#CCSDPDTraffic#CCSDPDFab5
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