LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro police said a suspected murderer and his girlfriend drove a shooting victim to the hospital before leaving and cleaning up the crime scene.

Police took Avondre Kelly, 24, into custody Monday; records showed more than a year after police said he shot and killed a man near Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonanza Road in June 2020.

Kelly was booked on charges of open murder and discharging a gun into an occupied structure or vehicle. He is accused of shooting and killing Dariane Lincoln-Marshall, 26, outside of the Siegel Suites.

Lincoln-Marshall’s death was ruled a homicide, caused by a gunshot wound of the chest.

A worker made the initial 911 call in an AMR Ambulance driving by when the shooting occurred, police said. The caller said a Black man in his mid-to-late 20s fired a shot into a vehicle.

About 10 minutes after the shooting, Kelly, and his girlfriend, identified as Ashley Fuller, dropped Lincoln-Marshall off at Valley Hospital. The pair did not identify themselves and left, police said.

Investigators later found the vehicle abandoned in Los Angeles. Detectives took custody of the car, finding blood evidence inside, they said.

“It appeared as though attempts were made to clean up the blood evidence,” detectives wrote in Kelly’s arrest warrant. “The rear passenger seat was chemically processed and revealed that there were attempts made to clean up the blood and revealed bleach was used on the blood-stained areas.”

Avondre Kelly (KLAS)

Police also found what they believed to be gasoline under a floorboard. Investigators said they thought Kelly and Fuller had thoughts to burn the car but ultimately decided not to.

Police in California took Kelly and Fuller into custody Aug. 10, 2020. Metro police first identified Kelly as their suspect Tuesday.

Fuller faces a charge of harboring, concealing, or aiding a felony offender.