LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is a valley-wide effort underway Wednesday morning to protect students walking to school. Police are stepping up traffic enforcement around school zones.

Police from other jurisdictions are joining CCSD Police to cite drivers breaking the law around schools.

While speeding continues to be a problem in the valley and one of the leading causes of fatal crashes in the valley, officers will spend the day focusing on any type of traffic violation around a school zone.

The last time police did a similar crackdown around schools, there were 400 traffic stops and 367 traffic citations issued.

The common driver violations are speeding, passing, U-Turns, double parking, impeding traffic, parking too close to a crosswalk, fire hydrant, or private driveway.

Police also ask parents to talk to their kids about not jaywalking.

Police say there will be no warnings, they are giving out tickets.