LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is a new effort taking place in the southwest valley to help tackle the issue of illegal dirt bike usage, which is creating safety concerns at parks.

Clark County Park Police and LVMPD are teaming up to patrol the southwest valley after reports of illegal dirt bike activity. (KLAS)

Neighbors living near Mountain’s Edge Parkway and Buffalo tell 8 News Now they have had enough of the dirt bikes at the regional park in the area.

Metro Police and Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones are joining forces to help bring change to the area.

“We’ve had people who were certainly scared of or threatened by people who were on their dirt bikes, and we just want to make sure people know dirt bikes out in our county property on BLM land, they’re not permitted,” said Jones.

He also added that dirt bikes ridden on county property, parks, and BLM land is illegal.

“Please stay out of the only use areas, whereas permitted on different areas of town where it’s permitted in BLM,” he added.

A neighbor living in the Southern Highlands area, who did not want to be identified said videos and pictures of the acts continue to circulate online.

“I mean regardless, I know they’re not supposed to be ridden on city streets, but it was never about that.
It was about the reckless nature of what they were doing.”

Commissioner Jones says the issue is concerning as it pertains to the safety of many families who frequent the park.

“This is an area for kids and families to hang out to recreate, and we don’t need people who are going to be going 40 to 50 miles an hour and really endangering our families in Mountain’s Edge,” Jones stated.

Precautions for the area have already been put into place to keep the park secure, including, park police and Metro Police patrols.

“If they’re committing a crime, if they’re endangering our children, endangering our families, then they should be cited and if necessary go to jail,” Jones added.

Police have made some arrests since 8 News Now’s initial story on the safety concerns across the southwest valley.