HENDERSON (KLAS) — Law enforcement from several departments joined forces Wednesday to crack down on speeders in the Las Vegas valley. The action resulted in at least one arrest and many other tickets.

The departments involved were Henderson, Clark County School District (CCSD), and Las Vegas Metro. It was part of the Southern Nevada Traffic Taskforce and the State of Nevada Joining Forces looking for speeders going at least 15 mph over the posted 65 mph, and watching for drivers using cell phones.

The stop that stood out to police was a Tesla driver who was clocked at 117 mph. Henderson police report this driver was arrested and the Tesla was towed.

Officers made 170 traffic stops, issued 152 citations, made one arrest, and towed one vehicle. (Photo: CCSDPD)

Police held this saturation at US95 northbound at Autoshow Drive. According to CCSD police officers made 170 traffic stops and issued 152 citations on top of the arrest and tow.