LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metro Police arrested Brandon Isaman, 42, for possessing more than 36 lbs. of marijuana along with other drugs. Police were called to the 4900 block of South Maryland Parkway near Tropicana for reports of a person operating a “pop-up shop” out of a vehicle without a license.

A nearby officer responded to the parking lot where the incident was reported and saw a white man loading large bags of “a green leafy substance” in the back of a truck. Police noted there were some other people also throwing items into the truck that took off running from the area.

The man got into his truck and tried to drive off but was pulled over by police within the same parking lot.

When the officer approached the truck, he said he smelled marijuana, and when he looked through the windows of a hard top on truck’s bed saw large black containers and duffel bags containing marijuana.

The officer searched the vehicle because he said it was clear there was more than the allowed limit of one ounce of marijuana in the truck.

In the covered bed of the truck police found the marijuana, along with other bags with 851 grams of a “white mushroom-like substance” that was identified as psilocybin mushrooms, commonly called shrooms or magic mushrooms.

There was also another bag with two large scales, a label maker, a box of clear plastic bags, a large jar containing a substance the office identified as hash oil, and a bag of orange tablet pills that were later identified as amphetamine/dextroamphetamine which is an illegal schedule II substance.

On top of all the drugs, there was also $4,366 in cash and small glass containers holding a substance identified as hash butter.

The officer took Isaman into custody and booked him into the Clark County Detention Center on charges including transporting illegal schedule I and II drugs and operating an illegal business.