Plateau in COVID-19 cases could be sign of coming wave, hospital report says

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A report by the Nevada Hospital Association indicates COVID-19 cases plateaued “on or about September 10,” and hospitalization patterns suggest the state could be in a transition between waves of new cases.

Information contained in a daily report on hospital data urges:

“Hospitals and the public must remain vigilant during this phase of the disease progression.”

The plateau occurred between “waves,” the last one beginning around June 17. “This second wave appears to have increased transmission, yet decreased severity, based on the ICU admissions data. This may be an indication of different clinical characteristics between waves,” the report says.

The report notes peak hospitalizations on July 31.

Daily monitoring of hospital data on the virus did not begin until April 1. Officials believe that was “during the decline of the first wave of disease. Nevada cases plateaued between June 2 and June 16 a period of approximately 14 days. This would prove to be the transition period between waves.”

Now, hospitalized cases have remained stable for the past 12 days without either significant decline or resurgence, the report says. “This may be indicative of another transition between waves.”

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