Plans underway to transform Huntridge Circle Park into art exhibit

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From violent crime to petty thefts, the Huntridge Circle Park has seen its fair share of problems.

The people who are most excited for change are those who live nearby. The developers behind the historic Huntridge Theater want to bring the Huntridge Circle Park back to life. But they have eleven months left to get it right. 

“It has such great potential,” said Jon Curran, senior vice president of development at Dapper Companies. “Nearly 3 acres, it’s right in the middle of the Huntridge neighborhood.”

Over the years, the park became well-known for drug users, as well as the homeless. Kathleen Karh Desposito, who lives nearby, has seen the ups and the downs for some 30 years. 

“We’ve enjoyed the park for many, many years up until a couple of years ago,” Karh Desposito said.  “It was not a park that was usable for the neighborhood.”

Last year, an elderly woman was brutally beaten after a man broke into her home nearby. It is believed that the suspect often frequented the park. 

“I think it brought everybody out of their houses and kind of into the streets in a talking to each other way,” Karh Desposito said. 

Developers plan to reopen the park in two phases, which will include a new children’s area and a sculpture garden.

“They hope to put in a bunch of sculptures to give an interactive experience for visitors at the park,” Curran said. “We’re going to do everything we can. We’re going to keep rolling our sleeves up to get this park back to life.”

The developers are currently working to fundraise for the site.

Dapper Communications will have until next October to finish planning for the site. That is when the city’s memorandum of understanding will expire.

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