LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If you have college loan payments, the time to start paying again is coming up later this month.

When the pandemic freeze on payments is lifted later in August, students will need to plan how they’ll resume making payments.

While there’s always the chance that the payment freeze might be extended again, borrowers should plan to start making regular loan payments again beginning Sept. 1.

Advisors from Scholarship Points, a program helping students plan and pay for college, said student loan services will be contacting you soon about payments.

There are plenty of options for federal student loan repayments. You should start evaluating your options now, as there are eligibility options for each repayment plan.

If you can, it’s helpful to start saving money now to make transitioning to payments much easier.

“If they haven’t contacted you yet, you should reach out to them to figure out what that payment is going to look like for you moving forward,” said Senior Vice President of Scholarship Points Sravani Atluri. “It’s been two and a half years, so you might want to start budgeting into your monthly plan.”

If your student loan provider hasn’t contacted you yet, you should reach out to guarantee that you won’t miss a payment before the student loan forbearance ends.

“During COVID, they did have a forbearance and all of my friends that did consolidate with a lower interest rate through the banks or any other company, they have to apply and it was a big process, so I’m actually thankful that they were willing to work with me,” said student loan borrower Angela Cangemi.

Right now, the student loan pause has only been extended through Aug. 31.