LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — New photos of some of the over 300 dogs that were discovered in an animal cruelty case in Nye County have been released as those caring for the animals ask for help in supporting their recovery.

The photos, released by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, show the dogs as they recover in the care of ASPCA workers. The ASPCA and the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said there is an urgent need for Nevada-licensed veterinarians, vet techs and other assistance to help provide medical support for the dogs.

Anyone who can support the dogs through Sept. 30 is asked to submit their availability and background to NCSO at

“We anticipate needing up to 20 medical personnel daily to assist with general veterinary care, medical evaluations, and treatments,” an ASPCA manager said in a statement Tuesday.

Deputies found hundreds of dogs on a property in Amargosa Valley that were “in poor health, had injuries, or were in various stages of starvation,” a Nye County Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote in court documents obtained by the I-Team last week. “It was estimated that more than half the dogs were malnourished, and several had severe visible injuries including open sores and injured limbs.”

Some dogs were found dead, and others that were found alive were just days old, according to investigators. Some had to be euthanized due to the extent of their injuries, documents said.

Nye County Sheriff’s Office investigates animal cruelty case in Amargosa Valley (Credit: NCSO)

Dozens of frozen puppies were also found on the property, and 25 additional animals were found on a Pahrump property.

Last week, investigators discovered the bodies of more dogs in several stages of decomposition while digging up possible burial sites.

Oskana Higgins and Vasili Platunov face felony animal abuse and neglect charges after investigators came to the property in response to a report of an injured animal. Planutov had a “breeding operation” at the Amargosa Valley site while living in Pahrump, and Higgins was identified as the property’s caretaker, according to deputies.

Vasili Platunov and Oskana Higgins (Credit: NCSO)

The sheriff’s office started a GoFundMe for donations to support the recovery of the dogs.