LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Good Day Las Vegas is focusing on our four-legged friends this week and what better place to find a pet than at The Animal Foundation.

Reporter Bianca Holman made a stop at the Adoption Center to check out the felines and what she found were lots of great choices.

The Animal Foundation takes in hundreds of kittens every year and many begin their journey in the nursery because they require bottle feeding and weening which can take three to four weeks. During that time, the kittens will grow bigger and get stronger and become adjusted to people.

“When they meow it’s usually a human thing. They only meow for humans. If you notice, feral cats out in the community don’t make noise. The only time you hear them is when they are fighting or mating. So when they meow they are communicating with their owner. They are hungry, they want attention, show you something they caught,” said Melissa Flack, animal resource center manager.

If you do decide to adopt a cat, you will want to cat-proof your home. Flack says it’s important to have a scratching post and toys because kittens like to climb and chew. She said cats scratch to establish territory. She also adds declawing a cat is not recommended.

There are a lot of feral cats in the community and this is the season they are having kittens. She has some advice if you find a litter.

“Right now, it’s kitten season and a lot of really good patrons find kittens in the community. The really good thing to do is observe them from a distance. If they are healthy and mom is taking care of them, let mom continue, and then when they are ready to be adopted then bring them all in together, so we can get mom fixed.”

The Animal Foundation is in need of families who can open their hearts and homes to cats. Here is a link where you can get more information on how to adopt or foster a cat.