LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Some people are realizing they can’t afford to keep up with the costs associated with caring for an animal, which leads to abandonment and surrendering, which a local rescue group believes was the reason two pit bulls were left tied to trees over the weekend.

It is hard to wonder how someone could abandon their pets like that, but it is a sad reality that is becoming all too common and overwhelming our shelters. 

So far this month The Animal Foundation has taken in 90 animals every day. “Abandonment is never ever a legitimate excuse or option,” said Kelly Winder a volunteer with Doggy Task Force. 

Winder runs rescue missions across Las Vegas to get pets off our streets. Over the weekend he responded when good samaritans found two pit bulls tied up to trees near 15th street and Mesquite.

There was no doubt in Winder’s mind the pit bulls were abandoned. “It’s an option for the lazy, uneducated, and the people that are ignorant of the recourses that are out there,” Winder said. 

The dogs were taken to The Animal Foundation where 1,374 were brought in just in the first two weeks of June. This includes strays, confiscations, and surrenders. 

The last time they had that many was in 2019 with 1,406 but in 2020 there were only 759 intakes for the first two weeks of June as a lot of people got a pet during the pandemic and were able to care for them full-time. 

“We knew a storm was coming and it was not going to be an easy fix,” Winder said. 

Four-year-old Mona Lisa, a pit bull was amongst their surrenders this month, we met her just as she got adopted on Monday. “Inflation is hurting everybody let’s be honest it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or little money,” said owner Mikhial Lerma.

Lerma wanted to take a chance on Mona Lisa despite the rising costs of necessities.
“Just because the world is having issues doesn’t mean I can’t help a dog out,” Lerma said. 

No one knows why Mona Lisa was surrendered but as she drove away to her forever home there are hundreds of animals waiting for the same outcome. 

The Animal Foundation tells 8 News Now, that owners often don’t disclose why they are surrendering a pet, but if it is for financial reasons, they have programs that will help feed and take care of your pet’s needs and you do not need to meet a certain income bracket. 

For more information on resources for pet owners, click HERE.

As for the two pit bulls that were abandoned, Winder said one of them was microchipped, but the owner has not come forward.