LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The effort to create a permanent 1 October memorial is moving one step closer with the launch of the 1 October Memorial gallery.

Clark County will unveil a 1 October Memorial gallery for creative expressions on Monday, July 18. The public can view the gallery on the 1 October web-based app here.

On July 1, the 1 October Memorial Committee started an outreach effort to the public to help come up with ideas for the memorial. The outreach effort consisted of three pathways in which people could participate.

The first pathway, call for creative expression, asks anyone with an interest to submit suggestions, ideas, design concepts, videos, artwork, poems, drawings, stories, songs, and other contributions that design team finalists will be required to review.

All submissions will be added to the gallery unless the contributor does not want to, as they are received and reviewed by Clark County staff. The submissions will then be given to the second pathway finalists, RFQ finalists, to review and consider ideas for final proposals.

“We are excited about this process phase and to engage the impacted community further,” said 1 October Memorial Committee Chairwoman Tennille Pereira, who will participate in Monday’s unveiling. “It’s an innovative approach designed specifically for our community. The gallery offers healing through our shared experiences and I am certain will be a beneficial source of insights, perspectives, and ideas for our design team finalists.”

The process for developing the memorial will happen in three phases over 18 months and result in the committee making a formal recommendation for a project to the Clark County Commission in 2023. Those interested in submitting a design concept or participating in any of the three pathways of participation may visit the 1 October Memorial website here.