LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Clark County town hall meeting became heated Wednesday, as an upcoming change to Nevada Classic Car registration regulations was discussed among those affected. 

“It makes no sense,” one classic car owner said. “You’re going after one and a half percent of people.”

The passionate discussion focused on Nevada Assembly Bill 349, which will close a years-long loophole for vehicles with classic tags. 

“If my smog pump fails,” another person asked during the meeting. “What am I supposed to do if it doesn’t pass a smog test?”

Starting January 1, 2023, the registration will require a smog check, designated ‘classic’ or ‘antique’ insurance, and a cap of 5,000 miles traveled per year. 

“There are a lot of cars that are currently registered cars,” Clark County Commissioner William McCurdy II, who led Wednesday’s Town Hall, said. “But these vehicles are not actually classic cars.”

McCurdy, along with Nevada DMV representatives and representatives from the Department of Environment and Sustainability, said the purpose of this change is to improve Nevada’s air quality. 

“A lot of cars that are on the road,” McCurdy said. “That is also polluting the air.”

However, people like D’Anthony Brim, told 8 News Now this change will impact people who can’t afford to fix their cars. 

“Obviously, that is going to hinder everyone’s ability to get to and from work,” Brim said. “There are most of the people who don’t understand how the system affects them,” he continued. “Until it is directly affecting them.”

Therefore, he and others against this new law are asking state and local officials to understand their frustration as this moves forward. 

“What is your definition of a classic? A 1965 Mustang?” a person attending Wednesday’s town hall meeting concluded. “There’s a lot more than that.”

The Department of Environment & Sustainability also discussed a year-long vehicle repair pilot program, that will help those who qualify for emission-related repairs. 

For more information on the scheduled changes, click HERE.