LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As we deal with unusual, extreme temperatures this Labor Day weekend, tourists and locals shared with 8 News Now how they are beating the heat.

“This is definitely some serious heat,” Connor Williams, who visited Las Vegas from Michigan said. 

It may be September, but the heat is on, and though we are used to seeing triple digits here in Southern Nevada, it’s unusual to deal with them this late in the year.

8 News Now spoke with many about the measures they’re taking to stay safe and comfortable. 
“Staying cool and drinking lots of water,” Williams said. 

Heather Erb came to Las Vegas to get married on the Strip and had to change some of her plans Thursday as we hit 108 degrees. 

“We were going to have a rooftop party and welcome our guests,” Erb explained. “But with the heat, we had to move it inside.”

Meanwhile, Teala Thompson is all about the water, as she and her child went to find some relief at local splash pads Friday. 

“The past few days it has been super-hot,” Thompson told 8 News Now. “But being around this water, it’s been so good.”

Therefore, whether people are taking advantage of the air conditioning or making the pool a go-to move, it’s a good time to get creative and push through this last bit of scorching summer. 

“We try to weave in and out of the places,” Williams said. “And enjoy the air conditioning.”

“We are hoping it will be a little bit cooler,” Erb concluded. 

As of Friday, a heat warning was in place until Tuesday, September 6. 

It’s important to remember tips like staying inside during the early afternoon hours of the day, drinking lots of water, and taking frequent breaks in the shade when outdoors.