LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Smart, furry, four-legged crime fighters; what’s not to love? Now you can see one every month of the year on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s 2024 K-9 calendar.

One of the LVMPD K-9’s featured in the 2024 calendar. (Credit: LVMPD)

The calendar which features 13 months of different police force dogs, some with their handlers, was just released for sale. Metro said it has one of the oldest continuously operating K-9 units in the United States. It started with the City of Las Vegas Police Department in 1961. The K-9 section includes 15 police officers, three sergeants, and 17 working police dogs who are trained in narcotics and explosive detection and suspect location and apprehension.

The calendar costs $25 and can be purchased online at this link. The proceeds benefit the LVMPD Foundation to help support programs and initiatives to keep the community safer and also fund lifelong veterinary care for active and retired police dogs.

“The LVMPD K-9s are hardworking dogs who serve our officers and community to make our streets safer,” said Karen Marben, Executive Director of the LVMPD Foundation. “Health care for retired K-9s is provided by the generosity of our community through the Foundation, and together, we can safeguard the well-being of these loyal partners in their golden years.”