Ever since Amy Fleming was arrested for the death of her 3-year-old son, Francillon Pierre, 8 News NOW has been scouring over past reports and interviews, looking for clues to piece the puzzle together.

Multiple archive interviews showed Fleming talking about doing what she called quote “correcting disobedience.”

The courtroom video is from a child abuse trial for both Fleming and her husband Lee Luster. They sat down in an interview with Channel 8 after their child disappeared.  

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“We have become the couple that people love to hate,” Fleming said in her 1986 interview.

There’s no doubt that physical punishment took place against 3-year-old Francillion in Fleming and Luster’s home.

Everyone from neighbors to professionals and even their babysitter testified to witnessing the child being abused. 

“They’re really bad,” said Jenine Whitesights, Luster’s neighbor. “The little black boy and his skin was totally white his skin was bad I suggested to what they ought to do for his care and stuff like that.”

Neighbor Jenine Whitesights said on two different occasions Francillon had was burned. Then another neighbor by the name of Dianne Car said she saw the little boy when he was “drunk.”

In the tapes, Fleming and Luster said Francillon had a history of setting fires and recalled an incident where they had to kick in the door to rescue him. 

“He was coughing and choking when we pulled him from the bathroom,” Fleming said. “Yes it was, and it was an isolated incident for something that threatened his life.” 

Fleming said after the incident she punished Francillion.

“In the circumstances, I feel that it was a controlled circumstance,” Fleming said.

The child ended up with 25-30 welts on his back. Fleming told child services conflicting statements about the injuries. First saying she did it, but then blaming her fiance at the time, Lee Luster, to get the boy back.  But once Francillon went missing, the story changed.

“I discipline my son, Fleming said.  “Lee was not involved except he witnessed the incident and he never touched my son. He has never hurt my son, never spanked my son.”

In the interviews Fleming also mentioned that she hoped the search for her son would continue despite the reports of child abuse. 

“I would do anything that I can to find my son that is come in front of a camera and say yes indeed this has happened but please put it into perspective and continue to keep your eyes open for my son,” Fleming said.