LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Passengers were reportedly stranded atop the observation wheel for nearly two hours Friday night.

Several passengers, we spoke with describe the frightening moments. “I noticed it was tilting cause I was sitting down, and it started leaning forward, and I turned and looked at her – and said – I don’t think this is normal,” Rosa Martinez said.

Martinez’s friend, who was stuck with fifteen others, tells a similar story.

“We were hanging on to the ledge, and I like let go and slid to the bottom,” Martha Tellez said. “Half of them were freaking out – and half of them were having a good time in there and drinking,” Tellez added.

Another visitor from Texas says that when they reached the very top, the high roller stopped, and they received multiple pre-recorded messages saying the high roller was experiencing technical difficulties.

After about two hours, the pod steadied and returned to the ground.

According to a Caesars Entertainment spokesperson, about 150 passengers were aboard the wheel at the time. Engineers resolved the network issue within about 90 minutes.

“The High Roller Observation Wheel was stopped during its rotation on Friday night, due to a network connectivity issue involving one of the cabins,” a spokesperson said. “The wheel’s rotation resumed, and all passengers safely disembarked.”

All the passengers onboard the observation wheel received refunds.

This isn’t the first-time people got stuck on a strip attraction. Back in 2005, two teenage girls got stranded atop of the Strat.